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Styling Party Dresses for Women

Are you ready to party? The right dress can make you stand out at any soiree!  Women cocktail dresses come in all shapes and sizes, and Zapaka has them all. We have a few tips to help you sort through the endless options you have to accessorize your party-ready look. Find just the right style for your next night out in our boutique!

How to Choose the Best Cocktail Dresses?
While the little black dress is by far the most common cocktail dress for women, it’s by no means the definitive answer to this semi-formal attire. Today, many cocktail dresses are short, though you can also find them in traditional styles, like the ankle length ballerina dress or the tea length dress, which falls a few inches below the knee. Straps or strapless, halter or off-the-shoulder - the sky’s the limit.So which style is right for you?The good news is you have a lot of room to play here, and with a little know-how, you’ll have no problem picking the perfect dress to match your personality and style.

Here are Three Easy Tips to Help You Narrow the Field.
Tips One: Know Your Body Type.
You've got to start with structure. Your cocktail dress should flatter your figure, so select a silhouette that compliments your body type. For example, pear shaped. If your lower body is bigger than your upper body, then you're ideally suited to a style that showcases your slimmer shoulders, chest and face. Halters are perfect for this, as are dresses with deep necklines. The skirt of the dress should be loose. Think A-line or even tutu skirts that cinch in around your waist.

Tips Two: Know Your Colour
As much as you love pale pink or buttercup yellow, it may not be made for your skin tone. Same with rich and vibrant jewel tones: they can look great on darker skin tones, but can wash-out paler complexions. So it important to choose the right color.

Tips Three: Determine Your Budget
It probably goes without saying that the higher the quality, the better, but we don't always have extra money to throw around. This said, you can invest in a quality piece with complete peace of mind if you select a dress you can wear often. This means you should avoid edgy trends (like a mustard yellow dress or a dress with shredded sleeves), and opt for a look with more timeless elegance. When you can wear a dress often, your cost per wear is actually quite minimal.

They key to finding the perfect cocktail dress is selecting a dress that reflects your personality and style, while also allowing you to feel comfortable and confident. Happy shopping!